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Introducing a New Addition to the Audio Art Signature Edition line-up, the IC-3SE with DH Labs Ultimate RCA's! Cost No Object Performance, Audio Art Cable Price. Our newest addition to the Audio Art Cable Signature Series stables employs our award winning IC-3 cable at its core, and like its IC-3SE siblings is robustly upgraded with a high performance plug, the DH Labs Ultimate RCA.

The gold plated, High Copper Alloy Ultimate RCA has a locking barrel and is a perfect choice for a slightly warmer, yet exceptionally resolved, full-bodied presentation. Additionally, this plug offers a more traditional fit with more closely spaced RCA inputs /outputs found on most Home Theater processors, and other component types.

Distinctive IC-3SE upgrades include an elegant black tech flex jacket with branded Audio Art heatshrink to complete a most classy, upscale look and feel. Joints are connected with one of the finest hi-fidelity solder products on the market today, Cardas Quad-Eutectic solder, an ultra pure Tin/Lead/Silver/Copper eutectic.

IC-3SE with DH Labs Ultimate RCA has a remarkably refined overall performance, offering substantial across the board improvements to the Award Winning IC-3 Classic in many key areas, and will compete favorably with any hi-end audio interconnect in the $500-$1,000/meter range!
As with the original, highly regarded IC-3SE, simply imagine an IC-3 Classic "on steroids, but in this case, it's perfectly legal!

*Please allow 100-150 hours for these cables to completely burn in before critical evaluation.*

Designed in Cooperation with DH Labs

DH Labs Ultimate RCA Connector
Virtually all of the RCA Connectors used by today's top cable manufacturers are made from brass. There are a number of different brass alloys, generally featuring a combination of copper (around 60%) and varying amounts of zinc, lead, and even tin. The presence of these other metals greatly reduces the manufacturing cost by making the material much easier to machine and process.

From an electrical standpoint, these other metals are considered impurities that drastically reduce the electrical conductivity of the resulting alloy. For example, the conductivity of brass alloys is only about 26% that of pure copper. As electric and sound engineers, we have always believed that this loss of conductivity (almost 75%) of a connector, directly affects the overall performance of a terminated audio cable.
While most cable manufacturers ignore this situation and focus on marketing, DH Labs engineers have been working with top metallurgists to develop and refine the ultimate connector alloy. Years of research have led to the introduction of an exclusive "High Copper Alloy". This material is made in the U.S.A. to ensure the highest quality and is composed of more than 99% pure copper, with a conductivity rating that is at the top of the industry. Trace amounts of two other (non-magnetic) metals are added to provide the adequate hardness and strength required for an RCA Plug to hold up over time. Even our plating process has been modified to maximize signal transfer. Simply stated, this is the finest connector anyone has ever made.

Customer Comments by Audio Art Cable:

IC-3SE with DH Labs Ultimate RCA's, SC-5 Classic bi-wire
"Your cables arrived today. My first impression is very favorable. The first thing I noticed is that the bass is more detailed and has more weight. The other is just how smooth and detailed the midrange is. The IC-3SE's have eliminated bit of grunge & distortion from the signal and make everything seem less fatiguing. I have some friends that want to hear your cables and we get together once a month, so hopefully I can make some more converts. I see more cables from you in my future. I currently have the IC-3SE Ultimate cable going from my Audio Analogue Paganini CD player to my Audio Mirror TP-61 preamp. I plan to move the cable to my Bellari phono amp to preamp to see what difference it might make. I have a Rega P3/24 with Elys II cart. Your SC-5 bi-wire cables going from my Audio Mirror 20 watt SET amp to my Von Schweikert VR-4s. The system has never sounded better. Thanks and best regards."
-Chris B., Bloomington, IL
Connectors: DH Labs High Copper Alloy Ultimate RCA
Solder Cardas Quad Eutectic
Conductors: Silver-coated OFC copper
Dielectric: Foam Polyethylene
Capacitance: 30 pf/foot
Resistance: .009 ohms/foot (each conductor)
Shield coverage: Aluminum Mylar 100%
Diameter: 9 mm
Color: Black tech-Flex jacket


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