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We had to do it. Our customers demanded it. The market demanded it.

Just think of this cable as an IC-3 "on steroids", but in this case it's perfectly legal! The idea to make a good thing even better came from a high end component designer who purchased a set of IC-3's from us, and liked the performance of the cable so much, he decided to push the envelope and experiment with upgrading the connectors & solder. We shared a long, interesting conversation about his results one afternoon. I hung up the phone and thought, hmmm is this is a new model waiting to happen? Mk II's and SE versions of components are staples of in the hi-fi audio industry, so why not do the same with a good cable design? After conducting my own experiments with many of the finest high-end plugs and solders on the market, and putting different prototypes in the hands of trusty beta testers, we settled on an IC-3SE model that produces an absolutely stunning level of performance, at an amazingly affordable price.

IC-3SE uses the same award winning core cable as IC-3, and is robustly upgraded the incomparable Sound Connections Xhadow RCA/XLR plugs & Cardas Cable's excellent Quad Eutectic Silver Solder for the joints. A black tech flex jacket and branded Audio Art heatshrink complete a classy, upscale look and feel. IC-3SE has a remarkably refined overall performance, offering subtle, but important across the board improvements on stock IC-3 in many key aspects, and competes very favorably with hi-end audio interconnects in the $500-$1,000 / meter range!

Audio Art Cable has drawn comparisons to the performance of cables costing several times the price! By combining the finest quality materials and innovative designs with a business plan minimizing expenses and marketing hype, you can have it all at an unbelievable price.

Customer Comments by Audio Art Cable:
"The IC-3SE instantly improved the sonic relevance of everything.....I cannot believe what I am hearing... phenomenal realism and clarity....I thought my system sounded good before, but my goodness gracious! I am stunned by the sonic presence and accuracy... Your cables are a stone cold bargain and people need to know! I am full of joy at the moment and needed to let you know your cable design has touched upon the holy grail of sonic pleasure...a revelation. I have demo tested at least 10 different interconnect cables from price points up to $1500.00 a pair and yours by far put them all to shame. I am going to put on my favorite Allison Krauss CD and share a glass of wine with my wife while listening to these awe inspiring cables. By the way, a listening session we had at [my friend's] house tonight was great. I brought over the IC-3SE's, and did a side by side comparison... bass was tighter, and the highs just shimmered. The grin on his face was priceless... Great cables, Nicely Done!" -Tony T., Bloomington, IL

**Please allow 100-150 hours for these cables to completely burn in before critical evaluation. **

Designed in Cooperation with DH Labs

Connectors: Xhadow Precision RCA/XL
Solder: Cardas Quad Eutectic Silver Solder
Conductors: Silver-coated OFC copper
Dielectric: Foam Polyethylene
Capacitance: 30 pf/foot
Resistance: .009 ohms/foot (each conductor)
Shield coverage: Aluminum Mylar 100%
Diameter: 8 mm
Color: Silver


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