CR Electronics Artemis Mono's ORIGINAL PAIR

SKU: CR Electronics Artemis Mono's ORIGINAL PAIR

This is an original pair of CR ELECTRONICS ARTEMIS MONO BLOCKS for sale. in excellent condition. with original boxes. Producing 35 watts pure class A upgraded tubes and has been serviced by Chris Lanhamn at the factory.

Original chrome model

Class "A" single ended mono-blocks, 35 watt ouput. The smooth sound of its “Class A” balanced output stage gives a performance second to none, setting it apart from other products aspiring to this level of quality sound reproduction. Overall circuit symmetry negates the need for feedback, but still procuces exceptionally low distrotion figures. Specially made polypropelene capacitors are used in the signal paths throughout the amplifiers, giving the sound transparency and clarity to the signal. Balanced line and common mode inputs are there to give optimum matching. Using the balanced line facility will also allow pre-amplifiers to be remotely situated without signal degradation through long cables. Artemis will drive many types of loudspeakers and give excellent control to the most difficult loads.

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