Edwards Audio Apprentice HA

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The Apprentice HA headphone amplifier has been developed for use with > 32 Ohm style headphones although it has a healthy 1W maximum output capability so driving most known commercial headphones should prove to be easy. The circuit is based around an op-amp but with a fully discrete class A output stage which we feel is a significant performance advantage at the price. It comes complete with a custom made 1.2A universal plug top supply and utilises a high quality Neutrik 1/4” professional jack as standard. High Quality parts have been used throughout including 1% surface mount mini melf resistors from Vishay with power supply caps from Panasonic FM series. This results in a sound quality that belies its price - yet another audiophile bargain from the Edwards Audio series. A simple plug and play approach means that any source component may be connected directly to the two RCA phono input sockets or it can be system connected using your record output sockets on your amplifier. Portable devices may also be connected using a high quality 3.5mm jack to phono lead ( not supplied )


  • Max Input line 5V RMS
  • Max Input MP3 5V RMS
  • Gain 12dB
  • THD Distortion 20-20kHz <0.005%
  • Signal to noise ratio <-86dB A-Weighted ref 500mV
  • Frequency response 10-50kHz within -0.5dB
  • Stereo separation better than 65dB - 20-20kHz
  • Input Loading 27K Dynamic Range 108dB
  • Output impedance <10 Ohms
  • Max output level 1W into 32 Ohms
  • Dimensions WxHxD 115mm x 47.5mm x 80mm
  • Weight 1Kg
  • Power consumption 3.5W




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