Inspire Eclipse turntable Denon

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Inspire Eclipse turntable 

This unit is in excellent condition and is in original box

A superbly crafted turntable featuring the regular RB 1000 arm, the combination gives superb sound and dynamics no cartridges included this unit will be professionally packed
The conclusion from the hi-fi world review in 2009
Having determined that the Eclipse is not out to steal the respective crowns of the turntables mentioned earlier, I have to say that it reminds me in many ways of the Roksan Xerxes.20 Plus, which is to say it appears to have no desire to astound in any one area but to merely to affect an easy air of thorough competence in all of them!
 Richard Isherwood took a gamble on his new baby, and I would say it has paid off handsomely, as the Eclipse/Tonearm 1000 combo is a capable vinyl spinner. It does what it does without recourse to any special tricks or eyebrow raising engineering innovations, but is simply superbly designed and built. Offering a fine mix of across-the-board musical ease in a well built and very stylish package, this turntable deserves a premium position on your audition list.
This provides a great improvement to any audio system




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