Jelco JL-45 Tonearm Lift

SKU: Jelco JL-45 Tonearm Lift

The Jelco JL-45 Cueing Device (Tonearm Lift) is compatible with a number of ‘OEM’ Jelco tonearms, but there have also been instances where an “OEM” Jelco arm looked the same as a Jelco model, but there were differences and the JL-45 couldn’t be used. The user should get a caliper reading of the cylinder diameter and compare it to the JL-45 (0.50″). The tonearm lift support should also have a hex set screw to secure the cueing device. The bottom part of the cueing device cylinder where the cueing lever is attached is 0.530″, although this dimension is not critical. The height of the cylinder is 0.871″.

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