Liberty Acoustics Reference 1 Power Cable

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All cables sold of Our site will have a 14 day trail period and 1 Year full value Trade in. With the trail program customer is responsible for shipping. With the 1 year trade in, The customer will receive full credit, less any taxes and shipping. This allows you to audition cables to find what best suits your system



Liberty Acoustics uses Neotechs NEP-3200 Power Cord Cable.  The NEP-series power cord cables use world-patented UP-OCC Technology Silver & Copper conductors, and has "UL" approved CL3 PVC inner insulation. Neotech NEP-series provides powerful current for the Hi-end system with high quality sound reproduction and better dynamics. These cables have a PVC Central Cord Design®, and terminate with a "UL" approved UP-OCC IEC plug and connector.



Neotech NC-P302, NC-P311 RH, UP-OCC + Rhodium-Plated Plugs, Cryo Treated,

The Neotech NC-P302 IEC is a great value. The contacts are made from UPOCC Copper directly plated with 24K Gold, and Cryo treated. This 15A connector will accept wire up to 10awg. The NC-P302 is has a 18mm cable opening.

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