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Tri-Art MM Phono Amplifier


Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours


Our design criteria for the S-Series MM phono amplifier was to design a good phono amplifier for a modest investment. We met the criteria for a modest investment, but we overachieved on the sound quality. With a MM gain of 63 db gain and a unique op amp that to our knowledge has never been used with an audio component.

Featuring an RF shield as well as RF filtering and a 3-stage subsonic filter, the sound is warm and clean and quote lifelike. Component selection was critical, and we completed the amp without the use of carbon resistors or ceramic capacitors.

Gain: 63 db @ 1Khz Single Ended

Impedance: 47K

Frequency Response: 20hz – 25,000HZ

Capacitor: Stepped Capacitor Bank

Filters: RF, 23 Stage Subsonic Built-In

RF Shield: Yes

Cabinet: 3 ply Solid Bamboo, Soaked in Hemp Oil

Interior: Local Sourced Wool Insulation


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