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Model AMT 70 is the best illustration of the wire with gain concept with a minimalist circuit design and short internal wiring. Distinctive features of these amps are transparent sound, effortless natural musicality and life like dynamic capabilities.

It is a 70 Watts output power class A/AB amplifier, operating in pure class A up to 45 W. AMT 70s Mono chassis assures a high independence between channels and a remarkable capacity for driving difficult loads. Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) inputs. Totally separate power supplies for driver stage and power stage. ON/OFF switching is driven from the preamplifier by a remote link cable.

The stand-by position keeps the driver stage ON as to maintain this stage at good temperature for optimum performance after a short delay of use (15mn). Specifications 70 W pure class A amplifier, with the exception of the output stage which operates in a highly biased A/AB mode (class A up to 45 W). Current type feedback loop.

The power supply includes 2 transformers, μf of capacitor plus inductance coil filtering.

Analog Stage : 1 XLR input / 10 Kohms impedance
1 CINCH Input / 10 Kohms impedance
Audio data : Bandwidth 1 Hz – 100 KHz
70 Watts (class A) for 8 Ohms
Sensibility 0,8 V
Signal / noise ration >100 dB
IM Distortion < 0,0050%
Rise Time < 2,5 microseconds
Power supply : EMI rejection by Schaffner filter.
Dual Mono toroidal transformer (2x300VA)
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 450 x 105 x 420
Weight : 17 Kg

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