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Saxon P700/2 Black Trade In


Condition: Trade In

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The Saxon P700 is a bi-polar 100Watt Stereo Power amplifier.

Based on a custom made 300VA transformer with separate windings for each channel. It uses circuit topology ‘borrowed’ from it’s bigger brother, the Talk Electronics Tornado 2.2 power amplifier.  It has user switchable balanced and un-balanced inputs and standard gold plated 4mm binding posts.

Only one set of binding posts are available per channel as when bi-wiring the correct amplifier termination is for two plugs only, otherwise you loose half the benefit as the ground point is no longer common. Extensive use of surface mount components ensure that the signal paths are short and with all input and output sockets being on the main PCB this removes the need for performance reducing internal wiring.

The performance offered is without compromise for the price, as with all Saxon products the price/performance ratio is the driving force during the design stages. It will complement all types of music equally whether you want to ‘air guitar’ your rock or ‘conduct’ your own classical music, it will immerse you completely in the performance. The emphasis is on clean dynamics and natural instrument timbre, all painted in a clearly defined space. When used with it’s partnering C700 pre-amplifier it can be used completely in full balanced mode thus ensuring the quality of the signal. The simple yet elegant style of this combination will grace any home installation and only goes to prove that great sounding Hi-Fi does not have to look ugly.


Power Output 8 Ohms 20-20K

100W Power Output 4 Ohms 20-20K 180W

Signal to noise ratio 1W -83dB

Frequency response 5-75K +/- 3 dBSize WxHxD in mm excluding terminals 440 x 87 x 300

Weight 8.2 Kg – 18 lbs

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