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Fezz Audio Sagita Line Preamplifier


Condition: New

Shipping Time: 1 Week



Sagita Fezz Audio is a top-class line preamplifier equipped with 8 RCA inputs, including one direct. Two pairs of RCA outputs creates a possibility to be used in a Hi-fi systems, based on up to four monophonic power amplifiers. It is a perfect match with tube-based and transistor sets.

Sagita provides linear sound without unnecessary tone coloration. The Sagita pre-amp is based on the high-end Burson V6 Vivid opamps. The solid aluminum remote control enables volume control (blue Alps potentiometer) and source selection (Takamisawa relays with silver-plated contacts).

An important part of the power section is the audio class transformer.

Finishes Available: Black Ice (Black), Bleach (White), Republika (Black/White Combo), Big Calm (Burgundy), and Burning Red (Red).


2x Burson Audio V6 Vivid Supreme Sound opamp
Hi-Fi audio class Toroidy pl power transformer
12x Takamisawa relay with silver plated contacts
Miflex and Nichicon capacitors
Blue Alps potentiometer with motor
Inputs: 8x RCA (7x Line In, 1x Direct Input)
Outputs: 2x RCA
Harmonic distortion THD: <0.005%
Power Consumption: 12W
AC Fuse: 200mA / 5mm x 20mm / Slow Blow
Net Weight: 6 kg
Dimensions: 420 x 410 x 175 mm
Remote Control Included

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