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Jasmine Audio Tiger MC Cartridge


Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours


Ruby Cantilever and Nature Diamond Stylus

Tiger MC cartridge adopted Swiss Gyger 0.3×0.46mil FGS stylus which shapes similar as the vinyl cutter stylus, able to restore the original record signal more accurately. Nature diamond own a higher hardness and longer service life.

Innovative coil structure, patent technology

Electromagnetic conversion efficiency of cartridge increase about 10%, the sound is more sensitive and more delicate.

Blue and white porcelain gives the sound of Chinese characteristics

Blue and white porcelain introduces a bright Chinese cultural characteristics , pleasing to the eye and ear, it is the perfect combination of audio-visual




Type: MC
Shell: Blue and white porcelain
Stylus: Gyger sourced line contact (FGS)
Cantilever: Ruby
Height: 19 mm
Weight: 15g
Internal resistance: 6 ohm
Output Voltage: 0.3mv, 1KHz@ 33 1/2
Freq. response: 5 ~ 50KHz +/-1dB
Channel separation: > 30dB@1KHz
Channel balance: < 0.5dB
Recommended loading: > 50 ohm
Optimum Track Force: 1.5 – 2.5 grams

“This cartridge immediately produced a sizeable sound stage in my system. The width seemed to extend a good four to five feet beyond the speakers on either side. The Von Schweikert VSR4 MKIII speakers throw one of the best soundstages around but only if the front-end source creates it first. The Tiger did that in spades. Height and depth were equally impressive to be sure. The ability to produce the proper placement of the barking mutts in Roger Water’s “Dogs” from the album Live in the Flesh is a real test that the Tiger passed with flying colors!”

Gary Lea –


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