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Nagaoka MP-200 Cartridge


Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours


The Nagaoka MP-200 is a cartridge of musical contrasts. On one hand, it is a very refined cartridge that offers an organic, fluid presentation with an engaging midrange reproduction of vocals and instruments, and superbly smooth highs. On the other hand, it retains the detail, luster, dynamics and presence of music that are so often buried and attenuated by smooth sounding cartridges. It is this ability to engage music with its contrasts that makes the MP-200 so endearing, involving and extraordinary when compared to its price peers and beyond.

For many, this is the final cartridge to own given its affordability and ROME (return on musical enjoyment). For the few who seek beyond, the Nagaoka the MP-300 and MP-500 offer suitable solace.

The Nagaoka MP-200 has well-balanced fidelity in the full dynamic range which makes it idea for classical and jazz. Beautiful rich and mellow tones you can feel. “Beautiful, bright elder sister”

Superfine polished elliptical diamond stylus tip
Powerful samarium cobalt magnet
Low-mass, high-strength boron cantilever
Carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic pole shoe
Anti-ferro-magnetic perm alloy shield casing


Nagaoka MP-200 Phono Cartridge Specifications
– Type: Moving magnet
– Cantilever: High-strength Boron
– Stylus type: Superfine elliptical diamond
– Weight: 6.5 g
– Output voltage @ 1kHz,5cm/sec: 4mV
– Frequency response: 20Hz-23kHz
– Channel balance @ 1kHz: > 1.5dB
– Channel separation @ 1kHz: > 25dB
– Recommended loading: 47k ohms
– Dynamic compliance: 7.2 x 10-6 cm/dyne
– Static compliance: 20 x 10-6 cm/dyne
– Tracking force range: 1.5 – 2.0 g
– Break-in period: 30 hours
– Stylus replacement: Nagaoka JN-P200

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