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Tri-Art B-Series Ta-2 9″ Tonearm “With Cueing”


Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours

From: $730.30


The B-series TA-2 Tone Arm features the same, handmade bamboo design as our table. It is available together or separately and can replace the arm of most other tables.

Material: 3-Ply Bamboo Laminate 19mm Thick

Settings: Simple To Use VTA and Azimuth Adjustments

Bearings: Bronze VTA Adjustable Spike and Grease Universal Pivot Bearing

Anti-Skating: Yes

Headshell: Brass Headshell

Cueing Device: Fully Adjustable Manual Cueing Device

Arm Plinth: Hand-Brushed Aluminium Arm Plinth with Left and Right Brass RCA Out

Wiring: Cardas Wire 33 AWG Uninterrupted from Headshell Clips (Silver Plated) to Brass RCA

Shielding: Shielding Provided with Inconel Tubing, Mu-METAL and Brass

Arm Lock: Tone Arm Lock Down

Set Up: Bamboo Pivot to Spindle Setup Jig Included

Level: Micro Bubble

9″ Arm Sepcs

Tone Arm Length: 9″ (22.2cm)

Tone Arm Mass: 15g

Counter Weight: Brass Counter and Brass Azimuth Weights

Resonance Frequencies: 8 – 12Hz

12″ Arm Specs

Tone Arm Length: 12″ (30.5cm)

Tone Arm Mass: 19g

Counter Weights: Brass Counter and Brass Azimuth Weights

Resonance Frequencies: 8 – 12hz

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