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Hanss Acoustics T-20 Turntable


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The Low friction ceramic/bronze bearing (Made in Germany) is adjusted vertically to make minimal contact with the stainless steel thrust ball at the base of the bearing well to insure that a path to mechanical ground is provided. Platter Material is CNC Aluminum 20kg 128mm (5.06?) thick hardcoat Anodized to increase its hardness, density, abrasion resistance and overall dampening abilities. (Suspension)

The Chassis is mounted on 3 adjustable magnetically suspended, resonance damping feet which, combined with the layered construction of the plinth, serve to eliminate external vibrations. (Plinth Materials) The chassis consists of a brushed anodized aluminum and black acrylic sandwich. The benefit of this design is in its increased damping, dissipation and anti- vibration abilities. The aluminum plates are also slow-baked to increase rigidity and resistance from scratching. All black versions are available at extra cost. Feet used are opposed magnets to provide an isolating spring action.

• Type : Rigid Turnable Standalone Motor
• Platter : 40mm CNC Aluminium 4.8kg hardcoat anodised
• Bearing: Magnetic Suspension Low Friction Precision European Ceramic Shaft with Stainless Steel Ball

• Adjustable Bearing Thrust
• Chassis : CNC precision cut aluminium Acrylic sandwich
• Colour : Brush aluminium Silver
• Thickness: 4/20/4mm
• Synchronised European AC Motor,
• Housing : Aluminium,
• Speed : 33.3rpm/45rpm GRS system
• Pulley : Acrylic
• Belt : 3PC silicon
• Additional Features : SC-20 Speed Control,
• Tonearm Base: Suitable for SME Tonearms / Rega / Others Available
• Total Weight : 16.20 Kgs
• Dimension : 560mm x 430mm x 128mm
• Record Clamp
• Acrylic Stroboscope
• Level Meter

Hanss Acoustics T-20 Turntable“…the Hanss Acoustics T-20 offers, as a matter of fact, a great deal of technical qualities, and … a high overall sound quality with an optimal tonearm/cartridge choice.” 

Kari Nevalainen,

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