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AAC power1 e Cryo AC Cable with Rhodium 15A US Male, 15A IEC

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These cables Have Canadian HiFi's Gold seal of approval, Hence we offer a 30 day Money back Guarantee,less shipping and also feature a 1 year full trade In policy, where you recieve full Value credit for the item less shipping and taxes. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Our enhanced “e Series” power cord features a patented process deep cryogenic treatment stabilizing the wire’s molecular structure, which carries over on the performance side as pinpoint sound-staging, superior rhythm and pace, more explosive dynamics and slam, along with a robust bass presentation. While most step-up audiophile power cable designs in the industry continue to feature brass-based plugs, more appropriate for cost-cutting entry level models, we choose high performance, copper-based Furutech plug sets. Copper plugs provide a silky smooth, organic sounding presentation for a far more musically engaging performance. Expertly terminated with a solderless, Nano Liquid infused connection, with all conductive surfaces treated post assembly with Kontak ECO3x Cleaner.


power1 e expands on the design of our highly regarded power1 Classic with a patented process cryogenic treatment. Furutech’s Nano Liquid suspension enhances current delivery at the cable / terminal hand-off, maximizing quality of the current flow. All conductive surfaces are treated with Kontak brand cleaner, minimizing loss of current and power. The result is greater articulation of rhythm and pace, along with superb control, dynamics, and authority. Tonal characteristics are richly refined and frequency extremes are more completely resolved. Micro and macro dynamic shadings are enhanced, and holographic spatial cues become more lifelike. Techflex jacketing provides additional durability and protection, along with an upscale appearance.


Known the world over for top-quality, high-performance audio parts, Furutech delivers superior results following their Pure Transmission principle: Examine every link in the power path to optimize conductivity for every element in the path. The FI-11(R)-N1 set features a durable plating technique, and non-magnetic metal clamps for a firmer cable grip and enhanced resonance control. rhodium plated α (Alpha) Pure Copper Conductors ensure optimum current conductivity, and a Floating Field Damper System prevents induced magnetic fields from altering optimum electrical flow. The (R) plug set’s gold plating is ideal if a more neutral presentation is desired.


Using the finest high purity OFC copper in the world, power1 has twin ultra-low inductance and resistance 11 gauge conductors, and an 11 gauge ground. Noise canceling geometries, and a spiral wrapped 110% coverage aluminum mylar shield provide complete immunity to outside noise. The architecture allows for unrestricted dynamics and current flow. A durable, dark sandstone PVC jacket rounds out the design.

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