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Cardas Connector GRMO Cardas RCA Male Plug (1 Pair)

Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours


Male RCA plug, non- magnetic, eutectic Brass, Rhodium over Silver plate. Brass cover, Gold plate. 9mm cable opening.

Styles: We offer male RCA plugs for various cable sizes (including adapters for extra large or small cables), and in price ranges from economical to premium.

Tension: Our premium plug (SRCA) has a spring tensioner on the outer ring. Other Cardas RCA plugs are tensioned conventionally.

Materials: All of our male RCA plugs are machined from brass. Contact surfaces are plated with silver, silver with a rhodium flash, or gold. Outer barrels are plated with silver or gold. Dielectric is FEP.

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