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Atacama Speaker stand Isolation Gel pads( pack of 8)

Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours



Designed to adhere to speaker stand top plates and are made from a high performance polyurethane elastomer which, as well as being non-slip and non scratch, gives excellent sound and vibration resistance. NOTE: The mini gel pads (not these ones) are primarily designed to act as a cushion between two surfaces, so in the case of a metal rack with glass shelves, the mini gel pads will stop the metal marking the glass. With speaker stands, the mini gel pads protect the base of the speaker from the metal top plate.

They do on a nominal level dampening some high frequency resonance as well. The Isolation Gel Pads do the same job as the mini gel pads, but also offer a much higher level of cabinet dampening. They also have a dimple in the top which can be filled with blu-tack so speakers can be secured down properly.

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