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Reference Series Evoque Eco 65-60 SE2 2 Module Dark Bamboo


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Evoque Eco 65-60 SE2 Reference Series Dark Bamboo – North American Spec

2 module

The Atacama Evoque Eco 65-60 SE2 Reference Series brings the latest technological upgrades to the award winning Evoque range, featuring additional advancements in deflection channels and leg component design over the standard Evoque and Evoque Eco Special Edition. This Reference Series support has stainless steel mechanically tuned spikes as standard allowing a 50% increase in weight capacity per module over the Evoque Eco 60-40 SE2 along with significantly increased storage width (65cm) and depth (60cm) to support larger hifi components.

The smaller version of Evoque SE2 (60cm by 40cm) is the What Hifi Magazine “Best Equipment Rack” 2019, 2020 and 2021 Award Winner.

Evoque SE2 Reference Series Features & Benefits

1.High Density Bamboo shelving.

Atacama’s high-density carbonized bamboo gives significant major sonic advantages when compared to traditional hardwood and veneered supports, with its unique micro growth pore structure offering both excellent vibration absorbing and resonance controlling properties. The production processes, layering, density and overall thickness have been specifically chosen to give the best possible acoustic results.

2. A.S.I.S.T dampening gaskets.

Atacama Sonic Isolation System Technology (A.S.I.S.T) has been incorporated into each module. This consists of two dampening gaskets* in each leg designed to reduce “ringing” and to isolate the Aluminium components from the outer leg collar.

3. Aluminium Top and Lower Caps connected via Internal Studs.

These components act as resonance conductors, allowing an escape route for this energy away from the bamboo shelves so that it can be dissipated through to the floor.

4. Mechanically Tuned Leg Lengths*

Leg lengths are 20mm longer than the equivalent approximate leg height choice of standard Evoque, thus lowering the resonance frequency of each module* when compared to an equivalent standard Evoque.

5. Leg Tuning Counterweights*.

By adding fully adjustable Nickel plated Bronze frostrum counterweights to the internal leg studs*, the module frequency can be tuned to dial out the resonance of the specific equipment being supported.

6. SE2 Upgrade over SE– Improved Mechanically Tuned Leg Lengths*

Leg lengths are 5mm longer than standard Evoque SE, thus further lowering the resonance frequency of each module* when compared to an equivalent standard Evoque SE.

7. SE2 Upgrade over SE– A.V.R.D.C Advanced Vectored Resonance Deflection Channels.

Each Bamboo panel has new A.V.R.D.C Advanced Vectored Resonance Deflection Channels.

A.V.R.D.C. is the three-dimensional curvature geometric design that has been crafted into the underside of each module. This newly developed multi curve pattern neutralises high frequency harmonic energy by directing it away from the supported equipment toward the leg grounding components. Each channel has been cut into a “V” shape then curved so directing the maximum amount of energy that is entering the shelf vertically into a horizontal axis towards the leg
components so avoiding resonance feedback and maximising each modules performance.

8. SE2 Reference Series Upgrade over SE2– Advanced stainless steel Isolation Coned Spikes.

With so much resonance being directed away from the bamboo, the spike interface has now been further opened so avoiding a constriction of this energy and allowing it to freely dissipate to the floor.  These new spikes are longer and shaped to maximise energy transference between each module while still offering a level of isolation. We call this Mechanical Grounding. Being Made of Stainless steel, the reference series spikes have allowed a 50% increase in weight capacity per module.

9. SE2 Upgrade over SE– Side Edge Contoured Bamboo Panels.

By adding contoured edges to the two side faces of each bamboo module, resonance energy in the form of standing waves can be avoided and are instead directed towards the new A.V.R.D.C  channels so aiding the efficiency of each shelf. When the wave bounces off the edge surface, it changes phase.  In the case of waves that create a standing wave, the reflected wave is a mirror image of the original.  The waves then combine. If the amplitudes of the two waves have the same sign (both positive / both negative), they will add together to form a wave with a larger amplitude.  This adding together is called constructive interference. The Side edge contouring helps to avoid this.

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