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Edwards Audio SP3 Speakers


Condition: New

Shipping Time: 72 Hours


After our first 2 speakers, the SPI and SP2 were Introduced we have been very happy
with the way they have been accepted by retailers, distributors and public alike, with
sales growing steadily quarter by quarter, this Is a crowded and highly competitive
market place.

Thankfully It would seem that performance does still matter. To this end
we are now proud to release the all new SP3, a very high performance, high value
design that has taken a lot of development to achieve the results we were after, within
our budget constraints.

The design aim was to produce a loudspeaker with a very deep
but fast response, usually you seem to get one without the other, resulting In either a
speaker with timing Issues but deep bass or one with great timing but without the deep
bass. Through attention to detail and some flJ’ldamental design features such as the
damped Isobaric chamber, multi chamber main cabinet with slot port reflex loading,
the SP3 surmounts these known Issues and we feel that we have produced a speaker
with both fast and very deep bass without timing Issues and without Impacting on the
clarity of the midrange and treble performance.

They are fun to listen to and they
draw you In to the musical performance, which for us Is the most Important
performance criteria. The music Is what matters most.

• Damped Isobaric multi chamber braced cabinet design.
• Tuned Slot port reflex loading.
• BI·amp or BI·wlre connections.
• Nominal 6 Ohms easy to drive Impedance.
• 87dB sensltlvlty@ lW.

• Frequency response 27Hz ·20kHz.
• Custom designed Plinths with complimentary finish
• Size· HxWxD 9-40x225x315 without plinths
• TOTALLY UK designed and manufactured

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