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REDGUM RGS Lucens Loudspeaker


Condition: New

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REDGUM’s original Floor standers were released as the RGS38i in 1998 completing our 2 Channel system range. They were the ones that ‘froze’ the downstairs area of the Melbourne Home Entertainment show when we played the Chinese Drum track. The same speaker that had the light fittings rattling at the Melbourne Audio Club hall for the first time in the Club’s history! All good very clean fun!

Now in this era of “makeovers” they have evolved internally into the RGS Lucens Floor standing Loudspeakers … maintaining the same “body build” but with the added muscle of drivers shielded with dual magnets and consultant-designed crossovers. The family resemblance is more than skin deep … though what a glowing complexion the real red gum wood veneer adds to any room!

Having added the “muscle” to this 2-way 3 driver system REDGUM looks on the quality of the “sinews” as being just as vital. Such details as …using exclusively high-voltage metalized polypropylene caps … very heavy 1.5mm wire for the bass coil … all connections silver soldered … internal hook-up throughout with 12 AWG OFC copper.

Taking its cue from the award-winning RGSB (Manna) Bookshelf loudspeaker the Lucens is internally twice the size of its younger sibling. You can decide whether it delivers twice the kick but structurally it has every reason to! With three separate internal cross braces each is cut as one piece for added rigidity. One of the braces totally isolates the lower driver in its own enclosure volume. Listening to drums made of tree trunks make the Lucens sound as though a subwoofer has been added to the system! Absolutely awesome!

*And the choice of name? Red Gum trees are but one species of the many Eucalyptus trees Australia has brought to the world. We chose the Glistening Gum Eucalyptus lucens as a visual hint of the qualities you will hear and see …. fully handcrafted in Australia!

RGS Lucens – Floorstanding Speaker: 7 year Warranty
Cabinet Finish: Red Gum wood veneer
Bass Loading: Bass reflex, twin rear ported
Drivers: 2-way,3 driver system,25mm soft dome tweeter;2x171mm polypropylene woofers
Frequency Range: 28Hz – 20KHz
Sensitivity: 94dB/W/m
Impedance (nominal): 6 ohms
Crossover Point: 2.8KHz woofer to tweeter
Suggested REDGUM Amplifier: RGi120 to RGM175ENR (50 – 200WRMS)
Dimensions: 985 (H) x 210 (W) x 273 (D) mm
38.8 (H) x 8.28 (W) x 10.75 (D) in

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